Who We Are

Simba Kenyatta


I’ve been involved in anti-racism work since I joined the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in ’68-’69. I’ve had leadership positions in other organizations, such as president of the local NAACP branch. I co-founded SCCCCOR because of too many racial profiling incidents, among other issues of discrimination and racial intimidation. I believe in worldwide revolution, and that it comes in many forms. Education and dialogue about racism, which SCCCCOR provides, is an integral part of that revolution.

Mavel Armijo


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Alain Desouches

I was awakened to the gravity of racism in 2012 listening to Michelle Alexander’s lecture presentation of her book “The New Jim Crow”.  Having come to the U.S. in my adult life, I was mostly unaware of the history and present manifestation of racism in the U.S. The book prompted me to get involved. I found SCCCCOR in 2013, a welcoming family of grassroot volunteers united in a common vision.  Working within SCCCCOR to advance racial equity has become my main activity as a retiree.

Silvia Morales

I first came across SCCCCOR while searching for a local organization to help bring about positive change in my work-place. I was so impressed with the loving patience and commitment to work in close collaboration with our institution, that  I decided to join the group. My volunteer work with SCCCCOR has provided me the opportunity to live out my commitment to racial equity work in the community during a time where it can no longer be denied that we are living in a society entrenched in racist ideologies.

Steve Pleich

Steve Pleich is a 20 year resident of Santa Cruz and a lifelong fighter for civil liberties, social justice and racial equality. In addition to SCCCCOR, Steve continues this work through board membership with the ACLU of Santa Cruz County, Project Pollinate, the United Nations Association of Santa Cruz County and Project Homeless Connect.
Steve’s primary focus is presently on creating positive outcomes for people experiencing homelessness in Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County and serves as Coordinator for the Faith Community Shelter, a program which provides nightly shelter and transitional services to homeless community members.
“Working with SCCCCOR has given me the unique experience of being able to confront my own implicit biases and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Leslie Potenzo

In 2014 I felt compelled to take a stand against racism and quickly realized that I needed a much deeper understanding of it. As a beginning point, it’s my responsibility to get educated. I continue to learn about the insane lie of white supremacy, the systemic nature of racism, including how it functions today, as well as my part in it. I came to SCCCCOR seeking that education and have been involved with the organization since then. I work to see the restoration of truth, freedom and love within all of us and our world.